“In our coaching sessions with Sandra, we were pleasantly confronted with our blind spots. Sandra knows how to address sharply and positively what our strengths and weaknesses are. The integral sessions give a place to emotional, business, rational and personal facets and ensure that after a sharp analysis, we can move forward with purpose. Her nickname “San Stappenplan” is lived up to. Sandra’s professional and business insights she combines with an informal, empathetic and approachable basic attitude, so we enjoy and trust exposing ourselves and our company, figuratively speaking, to her.”

Anneke en Eva Vervoort | Vervoort Architecten

Who is Glowingplaces Coaching intended for?

Glowingplaces Coaching is for professionals and entrepreneurs in urban development, who want to go next level with their projects, personal development and business/organization.
Who want to grow fast and understand that coaching will be of great significance.

Especially if you get it from a professional with extensive knowledge and experience in urban development and entrepreneurship.

Small disclaimer: this coaching is not suitable for everyone.
Only for powerhouses who have great drive, energy or skill….
Do you recognize yourself in this ambition?

Send an email to:,
and we’ll work together to explore collaboration.

Or schedule a personal meeting right away.

What does Glowingplaces Coaching entail?

The definition of coaching in the Van Dale is: professional guidance. But for Sandra it is much more than that….

During Glowingplaces Business Coaching she strives to ask you the right questions, to make sure you find the answers yourself.

She shares her substantive knowledge of urban development from years of practical experience with you, to quickly go in depth together and make everything we discuss directly applicable.

There are no standard coaching packages. We determine together in customization what frequency and duration works best for you and produces the most powerful results.

Are you interested? Schedule an introductory appointment online or send an email to

“Sandra asks just the right questions, allowing you to get to the core yourself.
Thanks to Sandra I now allow myself more time, make more conscious choices and dream big in work and life! She made me realize what my story is and what I have to offer. And now I dare to actively work with that! Her broad, substantive knowledge of urban development makes everything immediately applicable and ensures that you can really go in depth. She also surprised me tremendously by making a great docu about one of the projects I contributed to: the Amsterdam Market Hall. Now my family finally understands what kind of work I do! In short, I can absolutely recommend her coaching.”

Michael Dekker

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