For whom

Are you a passionate owner, director or manager at a government or market? And do you
want to make a challenging transformation project a success?

Do you have the idea that it should be possible, but do you struggle with achieving real
results in your transformation project?

Do you want to get more return on all your investments, make progress and get the best out
of yourself and your team?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Glowingplaces was founded to help driven people like you from our extensive experience in this field. Because it feels good to help energeric, enterprising people to make an impact. To make the world more beautiful together and to vitalize our living environment with glowing and meaningful places!

If you recognize yourself in the points below, we know from experience that we can achieve
fantastic results together.

You are:

  • very passionate and eager to learn.
  • a rock in implementation: you put plans and ideas into action.
  • someone who dares to take charge.
  • a team player.
  • open and curious.
  • a person who dares to be vulnerable to promote the process in a group.
  • someone who takes responsibility for the results.
  • willing and able to invest in the transformation project in terms of energy, time and money.
  • aware that investing in the initial process is a must if you want to be successful.
  • able to think creatively.
  • ready to roll up your sleeves.
  • someone who is open to expert external advice and who has the necessary knowledge.

Reasons why you should ask Glowingplaces for help.

Do you want:

  • to achieve actual results in your transformation project?
  • gain insight into the most important steps you need to take?
  • have an overview and be able to control the process?
  • have an overview and be able to control the process?
  • get the best out of yourself?
  • sparring with someone at a level, who thinks along creatively with you in difficultsituations?
  • create broad support and connect the energy of many to the transformation?
  • do you want to get more results from your team and promote mutual collaboration?
  • would you like to collaborate in a pleasant and professional manner with other parties that
  • play a role in the transformation project?
  • take full advantage of the opportunities?
  • a fresh look?

Glowingplaces can do that for you. Are you curious how?
Let’s meet and we’ll talk about it together.

VDMA Sandra Poelman Glowingplaces