“In these changing times, the social task of vacant inner cities, central peripheral zones, factory sites, offices and heritage are the order of the day. There is work to be done, but how do you properly tackle such complex projects? That’s exactly why Glowingplaces was founded. Governments, owners and developers who are struggling with difficult and expensive transformation projects, are part of our clientele. Our mission is to create opportunities, to make complex projects more manageable and to bring energy & speed to the transformation, so that the place glows again.

That is what Glowingplaces stands for”.

Are you a passionate owner, director or manager at a government or market? And do you want to make a challenging transformation project a success?

Do you feel that it should be possible to develop an inner-city area or heritage complex and turn it into a glowing place?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

If you want to transform successfully, you will have to take a whole series of important steps.

– You may find it difficult to oversee which steps, at what time and with which parties.

– Maybe you find it so complex that you don’t dare to start.

– As an organization, you may have gotten stuck on the transformation project, even though you have already invested a lot of time and energy in it.

– You may feel that creative rethinking is necessary, but you do not know how to approach it.

– Perhaps you need a concise development vision that brings things together and makes it explicit, so that everyone is on the same page.

– Who knows, you may already have a very clear vision, but you lack the tools to realize it. And that would be a shame!

Sandra loves nothing more than helping driven people like you to achieve success.

She shares a wealth of knowledge and inspiration with you and helps you think about how you can successfully drive the transformation project forward.

To make sure your process will run smoothly and you will be able to create the social and economic value that transforms a hopeless place into a hotspot. A place that inspires and brings people together.

She as well is a social entrepreneur with heart and soul.

Deep down in her soul she feels that she wants to contribute to a more beautiful, better world. But she also likes clarity and structure.

It is her personal experience that meaningful transformation is very satisfying and leads to great results.

With the strategies she applies, she has been able to realize the large and successful transformation projects she dreamed of, from scratch.

Not only by myself, of course, but as a flywheel in an ever-growing whole. And if I can do that, so can you. I’m convinced of that!

Because there is work to be done.
The Netherlands is teeming with obsolete central areas, old factory sites, estates and vacant offices with unclear future prospects. Their reason to exist has disappeared in this time of rapid change. The vacancy shows itself as rotten molars in our inner city area and is hollowing them out. One church per day and a monastery per week will also be empty. Image-defining buildings with great social value, but difficult to transform into new meaning with a solid revenue model.

Of course, it is possible to simply demolish and make money quickly and safely with predictable new construction. But how long will that last? And how much value will be lost? Because we also see all kinds of places with a soul emerging recently, where old and new come together beautifully and which gives much-needed new impetus to cities and villages. In a sustainable and future-oriented way. Something is brewing between old buildings and new ideas…

Sharing and developing knowledge and inspiration.
Precisely, because transformation projects are not simple projects, we at Glowingplaces think it is important to share knowledge and inspiration so that it can be done easier, faster and better. And so that we can enjoy each other more, especially in the process towards it and use it in the temporary. This prevents years of hard work, reinventing the wheel, wasting money and demotivation.

Put your shoulders together.
That’s the way we prefer to work. Our approach is always to get the best out of people and to develop new process approaches, integral visions and partnerships together. Within your own organization or interactively with stakeholders. We offer a range of interactive teaching methods for this. This gives strength to professional organizations and enables non-professional parties to successfully realize a transformation project.

Sandra enjoys building something from scratch and has gradually gained a lot of experience in pioneering. She has mastered the mindset and mentality that go with it. So, know where to find her if you’re looking for help with boldly setting up something new in the field of urban transformation…. a new organization / new place / new community, you name it.

In this way, Glowingplaces is committed to vitalizing our living environment with radiant and meaningful places. And we contribute to strengthening and developing ecosystems in the Netherlands. Are you curious what Glowingplaces can do for you? Let’s meet and we’ll talk about it together.

After 17 years of vacancy, this forgotten old lady from 1927 was in bad shape. An unbelievable mess, leaks, asbestos, tangled pipes… But after a renovation of just under 3 months, she was ready to go again. And tens of thousands of people were introduced to her charm, as here during the Google Event Benelux.