Transforming is developing new energy

“In these changing times, the social task of vacant inner cities, central peripheral zones, factory sites, offices and heritage is the order of the day.

The focus has shifted to inner-city redevelopment instead of new construction on the outskirts. But how do you properly tackle such complex projects?

That’s exactly why Glowingplaces was founded.

Creating opportunities and making complex projects manageable. Bringing energy & momentum to the transformation to make the place glow again. That is what Glowingplaces stands for”.

Sandra Poelman

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Governments and market parties that struggle with difficult and expensive transformation projects are part of our clientèle.

Are you a decisive and enterprising director, owner or manager and do you strive for a powerful development and positive flow for the transformation project you are committed to?

Are you curious if Glowingplaces can help you realize your ambitions?

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Information about the book ‘Hopeless to Hotspot’

Information about the book ‘Hopeless to Hotspot’

About the book

Are you joining us on our expedition? To make city hearts pound again?

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Are you joining us on our expedition? To make city hearts pound again?
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Curious about inspiring examples?

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