Strategic advice

“We can’t manage to really get the area transformation or repurposing off the ground. And we now for once want to see a return from all our efforts.”

Are you a passionate owner, director or professional? And do you recognize yourself in this?

  • How do we get this complex area development off the ground?
  • There is so much to do, but what to do first? Where do we put the focus?
  • We have done what we could improve spatially. But how do we ensure vibrancy and how do we build a robust economic ecosystem?
  • We really need to rethink, but how do you organize that?
  • Why does it work there, but not here with us?
  • So many different interests and ideas, how do we get everyone in the same direction?
  • This is a fantastic plan, but we are a few million short, now what?
  • Are we now getting into a legal procedure that will last for years?
  •  Gosh, is that important partner going to drop out?
  • The construction costs are skyrocketing, will we still be able to complete the business case?

How often have you asked yourself these kinds of questions lately? And how crippling is it to be left with these kinds of questions over and over again. You continuously feel the pressure of having to perform, but you are trapped in a seemingly unsolvable situation.

Sandra loves nothing more than helping driven people like you to achieve success. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a government or the market, it’s all about the drive. Because if Sandra can help you break through with your transformation project, you can make the world a little better, together.

With Glowingplaces she helps her customers to stand up for what they have to offer the world. To develop on a grand scale and thus enrich our living environment with glowing and meaningful places. She shares knowledge, network and inspiration with you and encourage you. Because she believes it is possible for you as well, to set up a transformation project that feels like a growing development company.

If things are not going well now, you probably lack overview and targeted steps. Recognizable? Then know that Sandra is here to help you.

She offers to be closely associated as a strategic advisor for one or more major transformation assignments.

So, are you looking for a strategic advisor for Urban Transformation and Redevelopment? With extensive experience and a fresh look?

A result-oriented expert who:

  • who helps to set up a new (sub) organization or helps you with the further development of
  • an existing organization or community?
  • who carries out activities at a strategic level and provides you with solicited and unsolicited
  • advice?
  • do you notice that it all feels complex and heavy, instead of the lightness and energy you
  • need to feel to GLOW?

Based on her tons of experience, Sandra can give you a very clear overview and create steps for you

Make sure you feel: YES, this is clear, this is feasible, this is what we will do.

She can also help you to get the best ideas from you and your team and encourage you to work with them with energy and enthusiasm.

She brings peace, years of experience, stress resistance, self-confidence and lightness to such a process.

She conjures up all the necessary expertise in-house and together you make a beautiful whole. She also thinks it is very important to involve the environment in the assignment in an open and professional way. And to connect new parties to the development, forge partnerships and create multiple value together.

To make sure you can determine the result in a way that makes you think: We can be proud of this!

For her, such a complex project is still a complex project. She understands that it is complicated and not easy.

But she also knows how to bring something like this to a good end.

Sandra has found a way where people feel that they are being heard and that they connect. Because you cannot do a large, complex transformation project alone. IT MUST BE DONE TOGETHER. Just like with the development of a company, which this beautiful quote from Gerard Philips reminds of.

For urban transformation you need a multidisciplinary team, with feelers in the organization and in the city. That works together on an integral analys is of goals and opportunities and digs deep. Because that is the only way to bring innovation opportunities to the surface. The much-needed engines of economic, social and cultural renewal, which drive urban transformation tasks forward.

Moreover, you cannot do without a committed group of people around it: a community that thinks along with you, criticizes you and supports the development. That is where it often gets exciting, but that is precisely where you have to dare to take steps. So that that part of the process no longer feels heavy and large, but becomes lighter. More fun, more energetic. Sandra often supports the organization of development events, which enable you to connect the energy of many to the place.

Sandra can help you from the phase of “help, where do we start” to “we put it into the world and take the environment into account in a good way”.

With strategic advice and with concrete and practical steps. In a continuous interaction between thinking and doing.

Working towards important milestones in the initiative and planning phase, in all kinds of forms.

From ambition document to implementation programme, from letter of intent to sales agreement, from community event to public-private partnership. You tell us, with what you can use her help!

PAY ATTENTION! Strategic advice is not for everyone. For whom is it?

People and organizations that actively cooperate, are open to a fresh perspective and can take a beating, will benefit from this.

Sandra does everything she can to guide you in this as well as possible. Because she is only satisfied if you achieve great results. That’s her drive.

Her question to you is therefore: “Do you take the assignment seriously? Do you take responsibility for providing all relevant information and actually applying the advice you are given? Then I’d be happy to work with you. Then I am sure that you will take your transformation project to the next level”.

Are you curious what Sandra can do for you? Let’s meet and we’ll talk about it together.


Paul Clement | former – prior Provincial of the Order of the Augustinians and monastery Mariënhage Eindhoven

“We got to know Ms. Poelman as an expert, broadly informed, creative, connecting parties and energetic consultant and facilitator in finding a new destination for our church and monastery complex Mariënhage in Eindhoven. She knows how things work and has a good network in society, the provincial and municipal organization and in the real estate market. We got to know her when she offered to participate, together with the Municipality of Eindhoven, in a Biennale on the reuse of cultural heritage.  

Afterwards, with great ingenuity, she made contacts with the real estate market, cultural and ecclesiastical institutions, consultancies and investors. In intensive consultation with all interested parties, stakeholders, and those involved at municipal and provincial level, she has steered the complex and often difficult procedures in the right direction and has managed to find sources of financing.

Corné Horsten | Chairman of Intake at Municipality of Eindhoven

“Sometime in early October 2000, I just started at the Municipality of Eindhoven, super exciting. Although I have been living in Eindhoven for 2 years, the city still holds many secrets for me. Just starting the job and still looking for something to do, my close colleague Hans takes me to a presentation by a trainee. “That girl has done a little research on a business site in Eindhoven.” Somewhere in the caverns of the old TD building, now transformed into a great apartment building, I see the young lady for the first time. She is holding a glowing presentation about an enormous Philips complex, Strijp-S. With great dedication and passion, she presents a cool vision of the redevelopment possibilities of this hidden part of the city. In one presentation, I learn more about Philips and the Philips area than I would later learn in any conversation or presentation. A great start in my introduction to Eindhoven.

One element of her vision, however, I didn’t understand. And when there was an awkward silence during the Q&A session at the end of the presentation, I decided to take the plunge. After all, there’s no harm in showing off when you’re starting out somewhere new… “Why did you keep that ugly viaduct on the ring road in your vision?” ……… The intern is almost running red…… In my experience, she reacts unusually fiercely to my question; “How I get it into my head to question this culturally and historically enormously important element of the ring road…”. To be honest, now that I know so much more about Eindhoven, I would probably ask the same question again. I still see the Strijps Bultje as a major obstacle and I see the traffic problems that, after all the reconstructions under the viaduct, are still not solved and in my opinion lead to dangerous situations.

We didn’t always agree, but very often we did. Anyone who thinks that after this first confrontation things never got back on track between the intern and me is wrong. There is no other colleague with whom I have worked so intensively and pleasantly. Thank you Sandra.”

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