“Mud fat viewing tip with everything about the past, present and future of the unique central Markthal. The Mokum monument where we can create a culinary and cultural quarter with the Markt Centraal foundation!”

Market Central | Netherlands

“Bravo and YES, please do more documentaries such as this. The transformation planned is so wonderful to see and inspiring for many to take a look at their environments that may have buildings that are waiting for a special touch to re-purpose and come alive again. Bravo, Sandra!”

Mickey Walters | US

“That was fabulous, Sandra! I have “goosebumps” for the interest and excitement you generated in your conversations. You were so eloquent and poised. I admire you so! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I am happy for Amsterdam, too! It’s almost like a little self-contained open-space Mastermind is soon to emerge there in Market space. So exciting! Thank-you for sharing!”

June Sterling | US

“Watched with interest! Definitely keep it going.”

Koen Wood apples | Netherlands

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Why a YouTube channel?

With this YouTube channel Sandra wants you to discover the possibilities and opportunities surrounding innovative urban area development.

By sharing inspiring stories and examples of successful transformations here, this is the place to learn how you can apply this yourself in your project, city or village.

In a people-oriented and sustainable way, so that you can really help make a positive impact on cities, communities and people.

In short, you will find inspiration, tricks and tools here to think out of the box and break through challenges, in an easy and fun way.

What can you expect from Sandra’s YouTube channel?

  • ‘Glowingplaces Documentaries’:
    In these documentaries Sandra takes you by the hand to inspiring stories and examples of successful transformations, mostly in the Netherlands. These videos can be viewed with subtitles in Dutch as well as in several other languages ​​(EN/FR/DU/IT/ES)! But watch out! You will probably discover many places that you want to visit yourself 😉
  • The ‘From Hopeless to Hotspot podcast’: In these videos you get the chance to take a look behind the scenes of the recording of the ‘From Hopeless to Hotspot podcast’.
  • The ‘From Hopeless to Hotspot’ book:In these videos you can follow Sandra’s journey to publish her first book ‘From Hopeless to Hotspot’. You can look back at her book launch and get a sneak peek into the book itself!


“Sandra, you are excellent on camera! Well done! I went ahead and forwarded this to Joe Polish, so he can become more familiar with what you do.”

Timothy Paulson | US

I thoroughly enjoyed it! What an inspiring place and interesting history! If your programs were broadcast on the NPO, I would definitely record them to make sure I didn’t miss any!

I hope your videos get national recognition!!!! Good luck with the next video! I look forward to it!

Miranda Kasteleijn | NL

“Amazing! Well done!!

Nina Fountain | New Zealand

“Very beautiful Sandra! Thank you so much for all the time you put into it and for letting us be your first documentary!“

Michael Dekker | NL

“Congrats!! Big achievement!!!
(Glowingplaces is Going Places)”

Dave Streen | US

“Awesome work!”

Dougie Mispeka | Australia

“What an incredible project! I hope to visit the market hall when it’s all done. Love the video, editing and how poised and beautiful you are. Lastly, I am a fan of the name of your biz! Warms my heart!”

Rathna Ramakrishnan | US

“Beautiful Sandra! Look forward to the next one.”

Gabrielle Muris | NL

“Beautiful old historical building… love the transformations planned, Sandra! Thank you for creating this documentary for all to see and maybe look at their own backyard for old buildings that might be re-purposed. Bravo Sandra!”

Generations Made in America | US

“What a beautiful and inspiring story, Sandra!”

Thijs Evers | NL

“Very nicely rendered Sandra, and incredibly valuable that I was able to discuss the purpose and activities of the Driessen Foundation with you. ☘️”

Paulien Thissen | NL

“Beautiful story, great thinking and perfectly (over the years) shaped. Inspiring for current and future employer!!!”

Kim Lembrechts | NL

“What a cool docu! Very nice how the story comes out so strongly combined with the passion for (physical/urban) development. 👌”

Thars J Labee | NL

“I absolutely loved this video! Now I’m inspired to visit the beautiful Helmond campus! It sounds like chatting in September would work best for you. In the meantime, I’ll appreciate that the captions are in English – thank you!”

Lise Yale | US

“What a beautiful docu! And nice to see the work happiness radiating from it. Because after all, that was our mission in design and execution. Power of collaboration. #workhappiness”

Martin Buijtels | NL

“What a wonderful documentary! So nice to be able to work here. 😍”

Mandy Wijsbek | NL

“Beautiful documentary turned out Sandra! 👍 I enjoyed working on it. Hopefully the story of the #brainporthumancampus will give inspiration to people and companies to engage in work happiness, also in the environment where they work.”

Marije de Greef | NL

“🎥 Insanely proud of this documentary that Sandra Poelman, redeveloper and director of Glowingplaces made about our Brainport Human Campus in Helmond. Discover in this documentary what happens when sincere human-centered urban development projects. When not as used finances, architecture and procedures are leading, but the work happiness of people. #work happiness #peoplework #glowingplaces #redevelopment #urbandevelopment”

Driessen Groep | NL

“Very beautiful!”

Yvonne Feenstra | NL

“Very nicely done Sandra. I know what has been developed by the parties involved in the city, but when you see it all together even I am still impressed.”

Joost van der Geest | NL

“Very nice turn out, great developments in Helmond and nice that opportunities are being looked at. Happy with the beautiful collaborations that have been created. Super that you and several Board of the Municipality of Helmond support it.”

Mhamed Yahia | NL

“Awesome docu! You should be proud of that :)”

Sterre Otten | NL

“Turned out very nice!”

Adil Marra | NL

“Nice work Sandra. You have inspired Helmond.”

Esther Hartzema | NL

“What a great docu it turned out to be, Sandra Poelman! Really cool to see what’s happening in Helmond in terms of placemaking. Keep up the good work, Helmond!”

Leonie Eggen | NL

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